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Available Projects
SNo Job Code Source language Target Language Job Type Project Name Dead Line Time Dead Line Date
1 GTC300115138 English to German Transcription asd 2 2015-01-30
2 GTC300115136 English to German DTP asd 6 2015-01-30
3 GTC300115135 English to German Voiceover hgf 6 2015-01-30
4 GTC300115134 English to German Interpretation gf 5 2015-01-30
5 GTC300115133 English to German Subtitling ASDGH 6 2015-01-30
6 GTC300115132 English to German Checking & Editing ASD 6 2015-01-30
7 GTC300115131 English to German Translation asdf 1 2015-01-30
8 GTC300115130 English to German Translation Test 2 2015-01-01
9 GTC231214126 English to German Translation Test_Translation EN_GE 10.00AM 2014-12-05
10 GTC091214118 Abkhazian to Afrikaans Translation test111 0000-00-00

Recently Closed Projects
SNo Job Code Source language Target Language Job Type Project Name Closed Date
1 GTC090115129 English to German Translation TEST PROJECT 2015-01-10
2 GTC12111497 English to German Translation English to German (TEST) 2014-11-14
3 GTC03111496 English to German Translation TEST_Eng_German 2014-11-08
4 GTC29101490 English to German Translation Translation (Test Job )_new 2014-10-31
5 GTC20101475 English to German Translation English_German _test 2014-10-24
6 GTC17101466 English to German Translation Translation (Test Job ) 2014-10-24
7 GTC06101435 Basque to English Translation Basque to English 2014-10-23
8 GTC06101433 Arabic to English Translation Arabic to English 2014-10-21
9 GTC02101432 Japanese to English Translation japanese to english 2014-10-31
10 GTC01101431 English to Hindi Translation English to Hindi 2014-10-03
11 GTC01101430 German to French Translation english to Telugu 2014-10-10
12 GTC01101429 English to German Interpretation english to Telugu 2014-10-04
13 GTC24091426 English to German Interpretation Interpretation Project for English to German__ 2014-09-25
14 GTC24091423 English to French Subtitling Subtitling project for English to French. 2014-09-25
15 GTC23091422 English to French Interpretation Interpretation Project for English to french_ 2014-09-25
16 GTC23091420 English to French Interpretation INTERpretation Project for English to french 2014-09-24
17 GTC22091418 English to French Translation Translation TEsting3 2014-09-23



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